Nemesis of the Month: Retraction!! (babies aren’t so bad…)

FRODO: I know Amarula is going to kill me! She really feels strongly about just who makes her list of “Nemeses” but good golly I just gotta print a retraction against Amarula’s wishes on Amarula’s “behalf.” A few months ago she must just have been having a bad day when she declared that babies were bad!

The other day, mom’s sister brought her baby, Vera, over and I just thought she was darn delightful! veraandfrodo1

Unlike most humans, she even crawls like me! And she chased me around for hours! Even Zulu gets tired of playing with me after awhile–but not Vera!



We had lots of fun playing with my toys!

steal your toys

and crying won't help

We had a very pleasant nap and I didn’t even mind when Vera used me as a pillow.


Vera ended her visit by sharing a sunbeam with me


Yep! Amarula might call Vera Nemesis but I call her Friend!

sometimes good sunbeam companions



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