Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Feline Phantom!?!

AMARULA: As you know, the Human and Zulu have been very sad since Biltong died (and I must admit to missing him just a little). I was worried the Human would do something crazy like go out and get another cat just when I was finally down to only one live-in-nemesis, Zulu. But lately, the Human has been acting quite excitable and furtive. I fear something terrible is afoot. Recently I’ve begun to feel as though I am being watched at every turn! Even as I try to nap…

i fell like i am being watched

I’m just being paranoid, right? Tell me there’s nothing behind me!


No matter where I go, I can’t shake the feeling I’m being followed. Even in my special “Happy Place” box, I feel as though some menacing presence is looming near, pressing down upon me…


But when I turn around and investigate the box, I find nothing!



No where is safe! Even while I’m outside surveying my kingdom, I sense an ominous life-force watching me. Do we perhaps have a bat infestation?…


I thought I caught a glimpse of a red flame of maliciousness running from my litter box, but alas it escaped me…

i hear something in litter box-but catch only shadow

ZULU: Though I am loath to agree with you Amarula, I too have felt a strange presence nearby. It is getting me all confused and turned around!

pffft they suspect nothing


ZULU: But I find it a warm, welcoming spirit that I just can’t wait to meet!

AMARULA: Oh Brother! Whoa! Zulu…I feel it here right now!….Come take a look and tell me please that there is nothing behind me….

be honest zulu is ther somthing behind me-sdo u see it too


AMARULA: All I want to know is who’s been sitting in my chair!??


What could it be!??…to be continued….

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    • mm
      Amarula says:

      FRODO: Great to hear from you Charlotte! I can’t wait to share my adventures with my favorite Torontonian!
      AMARULA: Shut up Frodo!… Don’t encourage him Charlotte or I will throw up hairballs in your shoes next time you are over for a visit!

  1. da tabbies o trout towne
    da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys !!!!!!!!!! did ewe get a new sibling !!!!!!! how kewl iz thiz….troo lee !!!!!!!

    we will sit rite heer by de pea cee & wait for yur next post ♥♥♥……well, ….. we will eat, sleep, nap, snooze, eat sum mor….ewe noe…
    cat stuff ~~~~~~~ 🙂

    • mm
      Amarula says:

      AMARULA: New Sibling!??? What is this about a new sibling!?? What has my human done now!! I thought it was just a giant hairball rolling about the house! Stay tuned…
      ZULU: New sibling!?? I sure hope so! I would love to have someone to play with and groom! Stay tuned…


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