Feline Deep Thought of the Day

ZULU: Sometimes, though I am generally a lighthearted cat, I…

AMARULA: Don’t you mean light headed??? Hee hee

ZULU: Quiet Amarula this is my DEEP THOUGHT!

ZULU: As I was saying, though I tend to be carefree, sometimes I can become melancholic and a dark mood overtakes me. I stop whatever I am doing and begin to wonder “What is the point of it all…”


But then I just go looking for my brother Biltong and he hugs me and I feel all better. Hugs are the best


You can enjoy a good hug anywhere and in any position!





The best is when you combine a hug and a sunbeam! Pure heaven!

cats in box 2

Sometimes Biltong and I get so “hug-drunk” that we even try to include Amarula. Though we have to sneak up on her to give her a hug:



Then we force our hugs on her!


billy ami hug


But the hugs where we try to get Amarula involved tend to turn ugly pretty fast! I guess she just isn’t into hugs. Too bad, she doesn’t know what she’s missing!










Feline Deep Thought of the Day

Zulu: Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the litter box and everything seems somehow wrong and out of alignment.

zulu deep thought1

But I’ve discovered that all you need to do is look at things from a different angle and suddenly you have a whole new perspective on life!

zulu deep thought 2

Feline Deep Thought of The Day


BILTONG: Sometimes when I see mom is sad or stressed, I think, why doesn’t she come over and share this sunbeam with me? Sunbeams always cheer me up. Come on over mom!



Feline Deep Thought of the Day

ZULU: Sometimes I am in the middle of grooming myself and I wonder: What is the point of it all? Why do I work so hard to make myself look so good? But then I glance at myself in the mirror and I think, “Oh yeah. I’m worth it!”

zulu cleaning

Feline Deep Thought of the Day



AMARULA: Sometimes when my human disappoints me, like when she pets me three times instead of two and a half like I wanted or she doesn’t check at the door every five minutes to see if I want back inside, I think of killing her. But then I think, if I killed her, who would feed me? So I let her live.

Feline Deep Thought of the Day

Feline Deep Thought of the Day

Sometimes when I am feeling really affectionate, I look at Sandra, my enslaved human and I ponder how I feel about her. I think about how she took me off the streets of South Africa, starving and alone, and gave me a home. Filled with love and devotion, my feelings well to the surface and I think, “Meh.”